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I want my MONEY BACK!!!! I called them thinking that they can clean my dryer vent because they are a big company and they also do dryer vent cleaning.

When the guy got there, he had a big vacuum w/ him then started vacuuming the inside vent and the vacuum keep malfunctioning. his reason is that because there are so many lints. If i know this is all they do, i could have done it myself. The receptionist on the phone told me that they will "flush" it when I asked how they will do it.

Next, he was looking for the outside vent and opened the wrong vent but he told me he saw same material in the inside vent. I then told him i dont think it is that one but the other one then he went on the roof to check on it. BUT NOT after I gave him a longer ladder. He only had an 8ft ladder and he kept reaching for the vent that it look like he was going to fall.

A BIG company like this dont have a long ladder to give their staff!!!Next, I asked him if he will check the air flow , he said no coz they only do that on air duct cleaning and not dryer vent cleaning. He also asked if there is an access to the roof from the house coz his ladder is short. this is the time i offered my OWN ladder. he walked through the carpet w/ muddy shoes that i have to scrub it after he left.

NOW my question, how am I and how are they supposed to know that the clog is gone. he only vacuum the inside. No high powered brush used like most companies. He said that he could only feel a little bit of the lint on the outside.

If I only know. I would never call them for anything.

I agreed to have a sealant put in that he claimed will prevent further accumulation later that now I think I should have not. I am going to call tomorrow morning and fight for this.

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